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Green Cleaning & Eco Friendly Products that are Eco-friendly, efficient, and safer for your home.

Green Cleaning with Eco Friendly Products

What others are saying about these products

Jennifer C.

"My husband, Paul, had saved a lot on our cleaning products through some really good rebate programs, and had stockpiled a good amount in our home. But we learned about what goes into so many of the cleaners out there, and we kew we had to make the switch to EcoSense. We got rid of them.

"For the past eight years [as of 2013], we've only had these products in our home. And EcoSense is much more than a cleaning product and sets it apart in so many ways.

"Most parents don't really understand how harmful many chemicals are, especially to little children. They haven't realized that their child's asthma or eczema may have come from the products they use to clean the tub or wash the dishes.

"Granted, most people don't buy cleaning products every single month, but the savings and safety they'll find when they do shop for them are unbeatable."

Rachelle F.

Working as a teacher a few years ago, Rachelle really began to understand the difference our products had made for her kindergarten classroom.

"These cleaners did their job without leaving behind any harmful fumes or residues. I could tell these products were safe and high-quality. When I started using them to clean my classroom, I was blown away. Stains from posters came right off the walls with Sol-U-Mel®, and Tough & Tender® worked wondeers on the desks, beanbags, and little rugs."

It was in switching from Clorox® and other grocery store cleaners to our products that Rachelle created a safer, cleaner environment, a fact she hasn't forgotten.

"If you have heart disease, you could add grapes to your diet, but if you don't remove the unhealthy foods from that diet, those grapes wouldn't make a difference for your health. It's the same with EcoSense products and store-bought chemicals. I really like the fact that on the ingredient list on the bottles show that there's no skull and crossbones anywhere. Additionally, For an EPA approved disinfectant, that's a pretty strong selling point for me."

Lori Taylor

"On the first day of school, our daughter's first-grade teacher posted a list of supplies the students could help contribute to the class. I'd heard from other parents that this teaccher was a Lysol® fanatic, so I decided to send in some Sol-U-Guard Botanical® spray. She absolutely loved it. Within a matter of days, the teacher was asking where she could find more of the newfound disinfectant. I was surprised to hear how quickly she'd gone through it."

Yvette Z.

"Not long after we enrolled, I went through my shelves and cupboards and pulled out every cleaner and soap I could find that wasn't a Green Cleaning product and placed it in a cardboard box. I walked out to the street and set that box on the curb, right next to the trash can. I was so glad to be rid of all those cleaners.

With her home free of caustic chemicals, Yvette got back to her normal business. But when she went out the next morning to bring in the trash bins, she saw something that surprised her.

"There was my cardboard box, still full of cleaners and soaps sitting on the curb. And the trash collector had left a note on the box that said, 'Toxic waste, will not pick up.' That's when it really hit home to me; those chemicals were so harmful, the trash truck wouldn't even take them!"

With that Yvette said she took her box of old cleaners to a proper waste collection site, where should could finally be finished with them. And that's when she started telling her story to others.

Before much longer, Yvette had experiences with EcoSense that further solidified her belief in these products. She had two mothers, who she had referred regarding these products, that also purchase EcoSense products who had toddlers get into the dishwashing detergent under their sink. Yvette says, "I was horrified. Then, I realised they hadn't gotten into one of the leading brands; they'd gotten into Diamond Brite®. They were completely fine."

"These two mothers, one from Minnesota and the other in Massachusetts, called and thanked me for sharing these products with them. I can only imagine what could've happened if their toddlers had ingested store-bought products. Children are seriously injured every year because they swallow harsh chemicals that people leave around the house."

Green Cleaning with a Guarantee

With all these benefits, you might expect the cleaners to be premium-priced. However, our products can save you money. Their concentrated formulas offer more cleaning power at less cost per use then many national brands, and even more savings in packs and value sizes.

These eco-friendly products are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If a product does not meet your expectations, contact us within 30 days for a full credit or exchange.

Call David at 817.734.9886 if you have any questions.

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Eco Friendly Products for Green Cleaning

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