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Geography Games for MS-Windows

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Regarding Geography Games

This beginning Series of Geography Games are interactive games for learners ages 12 years old and older. Each Geography game is written so that the reader becomes the hero in the story within interactive environments. Game interactivity provides an opportunity for the learner to be engaged in the game in order to learn the geography of a real-world region.

Many paths through the geographic setting of these Geography Games are possible, allowing the games to be replayed multiple times. As the game is played multiple times, the learner becomes more familiar with the game environment, which translates to learning real-world geography. Perhaps the software’s biggest appeal is how cleverly the game maintains the premise of the learner as the hero and as the controller of the action in order to help maintain interest and actively engage the learner.

These Geography Games will be especially useful in reaching those who are reluctant to learn geography but enjoy computer games. This Geography game allows the learner to have control of the action. Additionally, because of the many different options within the game environment, the games are likely to be played more times than just once, which is a great way to reinforce any learned geography and build confidence. A reluctant learner is often caused by a lack of interest, but these Geography Games are sure to provide ample motivation through their interactive format!

Geography Games in the Classroom

We do have curriculum connection activities available for these Geography Games for use in classroom environments. The curriculum includes using these Geography Games in areas of reading, mathematics, art, map making, and writing. Please contact us at the email address at the bottom of this page in order to receive this free guide.

The Geography Games

Galilee Merchant

Galilee Merchant Game

You are a merchant in the region of Galilee in the Holy Lands of Israel. You must earn a living through the buying and selling of commodities around the region. Beware of bandits and thieves who may steal your wares.

Galilee Merchant contains elements of a basic RPG (Role Playing Game).

Windows XP/Vista/7

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